Calendar Projects

calendar projects

Now that Christmas has passed and January is upon us, I start thinking about calendars. I do use the app on my phone for schedules, but when I just want a quick glance to check the date, I like an old school calendar. Check these out and see if there is one that you would […]

Ribbon-Less This Holiday

ribbon-less this holiday

  This year I am trying to make many of my gifts and I’m also getting a little creative with my gift wrap. Turns out there are lots of ways to package gifts that look great and save money.     Many stores provide free gift boxes in a variety of colors. No wrapping is […]

Quick and Easy Gifts

quick and easy crafts

I wanted to share with you gift ideas for people on your holiday list that you want to be sure to remember this Christmas. Folks like the gardeners, house cleaners, your kid’s teachers, the person who cuts your hair, co-workers and neighbors. These are people that you might not  know well enough to come up […]

Holiday Home Decor

Holiday Home Decor

You may, or may not, have time to put up and decorate a Christmas tree. But there are a number of other options you might consider to help instill the holiday spirit in your home. A ribbon wreath is easy to make and uses left over scraps of ribbon you will likely have as you […]