The Last of the Hearts

last of the hearts

Remember in elementary school giving everyone in your class a Valentine? Even though those days are long gone for me, the idea of a simple token of love to friends and family is a good one. Who says Valentines are only for boyfriends and spouses? I hope you will be inspired by any of the […]

You Gotta Have Heart

youve got to have heart

As Valentines day gets closer my projects get easier (so you don¹t need as much time to do them). HOWEVER don¹t think that means they¹re not special. I love buying fortune cookies and replacing the fortunes with my own personal ones (on red paper of course) then dipping half of each cookie in melted chocolate. […]



I think hearts are my favorite graphic design. They are so versatile and perfect for everything from a heart-felt thank you card to a hearty hello card. For today I want to put them to good use in unique and dimensional Valentine cards. I hope you love them as much as I do. Ready to get started? Click on a project […]

Thank Hue or Thank You Cards

thank you cards

The theme of the card I need most often is thank you. And if you got lots of presents this holiday, you most likely need thank you cards too. The thanks may be from you. Or you may want to help teach your kids the value of a handwritten thank you note. Either way, you will […]

Valentine Projects


If you’re packing up Christmas lights and dragging trees down to the trash, it must be time to think about Valentines. My family and close friends have come to expect a valentine from me, and because I never make more than six or eight of them I can spend a little more time in their […]