Kristy McMichael Bruce


Kristy became intrigued with scrapbooking when she won the best scrapbook in her college sorority and has been hooked ever since. The idea to dedicate a TV show to scrapbooking was Kristy’s and DIY hired Sandi to host the show. Kristy worked at Scripps (the parent of DIY, HGTV and Food networks) for 15 years where she developed and executive produced several craft shows, including mine (DIY Scrapbooking). She retired from Scripps when she had her third child in 2006, making her the mom of 3 kids (Jake, Sam and Katelyn).
Kristy and her husband Brian and their children live in Knoxville, Tennessee and here she shares her blogs and spectacular scrapbooking pages…boy are you in for a treat!

Military Letters


One of my daughter’s best friends, Iris, has a father that serves our country overseas.  I imagine communication is the key to help pass the time while you’re apart, so I thought of creating a Military Letters packet for Iris and her father. Iris now has a place to keep all her letters, pictures and […]

Family Pet Scrapbook


I noticed one day that everyone in our family had their own scrapbook.  Each family member had an album dedicated to their birth, school and sports, basically the story of their life, except for our four-legged family member, Max.  So, one week during the summer the kids and I created a scrapbook that told his […]

Family Recipe Scrapbook


Looking for a creative way to collect all your “tried and true” recipes that your family loves? How about a personalized cookbook with photos, recipes and the story behind the dish. Gather those treasured recipe cards, handed down from generation to generation, and a camera and you’re set to create your own family cookbook. Here […]

Grandparent Journals


There are several “Grandparent Journals” on the market, but I loved the idea of personalizing a journal that asked specific questions for each grandparent.  We wanted to hear the details of Granddaddy’s days on an aircraft carrier in the Marines and Grammie’s life growing up on a farm and our questions could target those memories.  […]

Wallet Photo Scrapbook Layouts


If you’re like me you can never throw away a picture of your child.  But, here’s a question…what do you do with the multitude of sports and school billfolds that somehow never get distributed to family members?  You include them in your scrapbook! I’ve created on-going sports albums for both my boys, Jake and Sam. […]

Milestone Scrapbooks


First, I have an AMAZING husband.  After almost 18 years of marriage he still gives the most thoughtful gifts and always goes the extra mile to make me feel special.  My 40th birthday was no exception.  Brian surprised me with a scrapbook.  Yes…my husband that can play every instrument, play every sport, can solve any computer problem, who has […]

ABC Learning Scrapbooks


My daughter, Katelyn, is four and loves to “cut and paste” with Mommy.  This summer we had a blast working on an ABC Scrapbook to help her learn her letters, work on her fine motor skills and just have some fun Mommy/Daughter time.  I loved seeing her pick out her favorite pictures, stickers, and have […]

Beach Layouts


Every year my side of the family, which consists of my parents and my sister’s family, and the five of us, get together for a summer beach trip.  We’ve carried on this tradition for over 16 years and have some amazing memories at a variety of locations, but always at a beach.  A few years […]