Heart-Felt Boxes


The packaging for your Valentine treat should be just as special as the present inside. You’ll love creating these mini boxes to surprise your sweetheart. [You can print a full color instruction sheet by joining our Gold Club. Learn more.]

Perfect Match with Photo Envelope


If you have an upcoming anniversary or wedding…or want to get a jump on Valentine’s you’ll love this “striking” idea. You can have all kinds of fun coming up with catchy phrases with this matchbook design. Pair it with a photo envelope and your loved ones will think it’s a perfect “match”. [You can print […]

Coffee Cozies and Electric Snowmen


It’s not too late to be creative with your Christmas gifts. These fabric cozies and mini snowmen ornaments are the perfect little sentiment to show that you care. [You can print a full color instruction sheet by joining our Gold Club. Learn more.]

Quilted Ornaments


One thing you might not know about me is I’m a huge recycling fan. Since I don’t cook I have a lot of really great paper bags from the take-out at my local grocery store. After a great meal from the deli the other day I started looking at the cool recycling bags and thought […]

Money Notepad


If there is a person on your Christmas list that would prefer money as a gift, you can make it more personal by turning the bills into a money notepad. This year instead of just sticking money into a card you can create a notepad with all the bills attached. They will surely appreciate the […]

Holiday Ornaments


A colorful 8″ x 11″ sheet of paper can easily convert into a festive holiday ornament. I found this innovative pattern and loved the dimensionality of the design. I plan to hang them from the mantel this Christmas season with garlands and lights for a whimsical display. [You can print a full color instruction sheet […]

Pop-up Reindeer Card


I have sent out homemade Christmas cards as long as I can remember and I have to say this is one of my favorites. With just a few simple cuts you can really create a dimensional card that makes a big impact. I also love how this design allows for plenty of room for a […]

Christmas Card in a Box


I know we aren’t even close to Thanksgiving but if you’re like me you like to get a jump on your Christmas cards especially if you make them by hand. This card in a box has a few steps but the end result is amazing. The best part…it’s a great design for any occasion, just […]