Fantastic Frames

fun frames

If you’re like me, you probably have photos on your computer and in your phone and it does make it easy to share them with other people. But some photos are so special I like to display them around my house…it makes me happy to look at them. So I thought I would share projects […]

Spring Fling

spring fling

I am often asked what inspires my artwork and I have to say that the vibrant colors of spring are probably number one.  I know it’s not technically spring until Tuesday, but it feels like it comes earlier in Southern California.  Most of my favorite flowers will bloom in the spring. And the birds and the butterflies are […]

DIY Scrapbooks

DIY mini books

Are your photos sitting in your phone or on your computer? It might be a good time to print out a handful (or more) of your favorites and feature them in a handmade scrapbook. Here are a few of my favorites to help you get going. Ready to get started? Click on a project below to […]

The Last of the Hearts

last of the hearts

Remember in elementary school giving everyone in your class a Valentine? Even though those days are long gone for me, the idea of a simple token of love to friends and family is a good one. Who says Valentines are only for boyfriends and spouses? I hope you will be inspired by any of the […]

You Gotta Have Heart

youve got to have heart

As Valentines day gets closer my projects get easier (so you don¹t need as much time to do them). HOWEVER don¹t think that means they¹re not special. I love buying fortune cookies and replacing the fortunes with my own personal ones (on red paper of course) then dipping half of each cookie in melted chocolate. […]



I think hearts are my favorite graphic design. They are so versatile and perfect for everything from a heart-felt thank you card to a hearty hello card. For today I want to put them to good use in unique and dimensional Valentine cards. I hope you love them as much as I do. Ready to get started? Click on a project […]

Ribbon-Less This Holiday

ribbon-less this holiday

  This year I am trying to make many of my gifts and I’m also getting a little creative with my gift wrap. Turns out there are lots of ways to package gifts that look great and save money.     Many stores provide free gift boxes in a variety of colors. No wrapping is […]

Quick and Easy Gifts

quick and easy crafts

I wanted to share with you gift ideas for people on your holiday list that you want to be sure to remember this Christmas. Folks like the gardeners, house cleaners, your kid’s teachers, the person who cuts your hair, co-workers and neighbors. These are people that you might not  know well enough to come up […]

Holiday Home Decor

Holiday Home Decor

You may, or may not, have time to put up and decorate a Christmas tree. But there are a number of other options you might consider to help instill the holiday spirit in your home. A ribbon wreath is easy to make and uses left over scraps of ribbon you will likely have as you […]

Laughing All the Way

more ornaments

Trimming the tree is likely to be a tradition you and your kids and grandkids will remember with love and laughter. What could possible make it better? If some of the ornaments are handmade by you and your family, you will increase the fun exponentially. Although my family had many beautiful ornaments, none made us […]