I’m having trouble viewing episodes of the Showgram.  How can I fix that?
We try to create the highest quality video possible for the videos, and for a few people that presents a problem.  We use the latest software and technology, and if your computer is older, has little memory, has a slow internet connection, etc. that might present some difficulties.
Here are some suggestions as to how to remedy the problem.  After each step, try again to view the Showgram to see if the problem has been solved:
1.  Close all other browser windows and also close other software programs that are running.  This will free up processing power.
2.  If you are able to see the program on the page, but it stutters, click the “PLAY” icon and then pause the video.  Return in a minute or two and a sufficient amount of the program will have downloaded for it to play smoothly.

I tried watching the current episode and it gives me problems.  Is there solution?
If you can normally play the espisode without using HD and/or full screen, you probably don’t have enough bandwidth from your internet service provider.  Just go back to non-HD mode by clicking “HD” again.  If you were trying it in full screen, hit escape on your keyboard and it will go back to the compressed version.