Laughing All the Way

Trimming the tree is likely to be a tradition you and your kids and grandkids will remember with love and laughter.

What could possible make it better? If some of the ornaments are handmade by you and your family, you will increase the fun exponentially. Although my family had many beautiful ornaments, none made us laugh as hard as the ones we made in kindergarten. My brother’s is a snowman made from a golf ball. My sister’s was a walnut Santa (that lasted about forty years, then became rotten and stinky and had to be thrown out) and mine is a ceramic yellow daisy.  Start your own family tradition of making ornaments for your tree and every year when you pull them out, you and your kids and grandkids will be delighted…I guarantee it!
Check out the videos this week and last week to get you started.
more ornaments
Ready to get started? Click on a project below to take you to the instructional video for these great Holiday Ornaments:


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