Product Review – Viewtainer Containers

IMG_0084I have these containers scattered all around my studio. They are perfect for storing any number of craft items, including pens, pencils, rubber bands, ribbon and metal binding rings. I have some sitting vertically and some horizontally (they look great both ways, horizontally they stack like a pyramid! ) On a nice day I like to work outside on the patio. The bricks are very uneven but these containers don’t roll off the table because of the plastic on both ends. So whether they are sitting on a shelf, on my work surface outside or I am carting them off to a workshop, they have become my new best friends.


  1. Judy Hawk Estrada says:

    I so need to try some of these! I always need to store items that I craft with!

  2. Where can I get these? They look great…

  3. I want to pick some of these up. Do you know where they are being sold?

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