Product Review – Viewtainer Containers


I have these containers scattered all around my studio. They are perfect for storing any number of craft items, including pens, pencils, rubber bands, ribbon and metal binding rings. I have some sitting vertically and some horizontally (they look great both ways, horizontally they stack like a pyramid! ) On a nice day I like […]

Product Review – 3L Removable Adhesive


I started using this adhesive when I was taping my TV show. It cut my prep time almost in half because I didn’t have to create extra step outs – if we had to re-tape anything I only had to rub off the adhesive and I could use my original pieces again. Then I realized […]

Product Review – Screw Punch


I use this punch whenever I need to punch a hole in a piece of paper or card stock that is outside the reach of a standard paper punch. Although it seemed a little pricey when I first bought it, I don’t know what I would do without it now. A little pressure on the […]

Product Review – Fiskars Trimmer


Although I have an oversized rotary trimmer that cuts paper up to thirty inches long, I find that this smaller Fiskars trimmer is perfect for those times that I want to cut a straight line inside of a project. The wire guide that indicates the cut line is fabulous and makes it easy to see […]

Product Review – Basic Grey Notch Tool


This handy tool works perfectly every time whenever you want to create a notch on your paper project. There are three choices of notch shapes (slash, arrow and smile), and it is super simple to change from one to the next, as they are attached to the handle with a unique magnet system. The notches […]

Product Review – Sakura White Gelly Roll Pen


I have used the white gelly roll pen from Sakura for years and I just love it. It doesn’t skip when you write or design with it and it doesn’t dry up when you go a week or so without using it, which is unique among white pens. A white pen is perfect to decorate […]