Thanksgiving Tag Book

Does your family like to share what they are thankful for during the Thanksgiving holidays? I love this tradition and now here’s the perfect miniature scrapbook to keep those handwritten thoughts together each year.
thanksgivingtagprojthumbThis Tag Book allows each person to take a tag and journal, then once collected, reassemble with a simple metal ring closure.  This is a perfect technique for wedding wishes for the bride and groom or baby advice for the soon to be parents.  You’ll love how the oversized tags stay secure and upright in a decorated paper sleeve.

Here’s what you’ll need…


  • ¼” hole punch – Fiskars
  • Bone folder
  • White gelly roll pen – Sakura
  • Repositionable adhesive – 3L
  • Stickers – Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Co.
  • Die cuts – Sizzix
  • Stencils – Sandi G Collection – HSN
  • Metal binding ring – Staples
  • Foam adhesive


  1. Jewel Currie says:

    Love this! When invited over to someone’s else’s home for dinner I love to bring a thank you gift. I would make this without the pictures and let the hostess fill in her own pictures or show her the book and have the pictures developed the next day and bring it or mail it back complete! This idea can be expanded to many other events. Thank you for always having such nice ideas.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your staff!

    • sandi genovese says:

      thank you so much Jewel for sharing such a great use for this project…i am going to do it for the Holiday parties coming up!

  2. great job!!! I am going to scraplift your idea.

  3. Super cute idea Sandi!! Love it! 😉

  4. Bonnie Tyler says:

    Great idea for capturing Thanksgiving in a meaningful way. Thanks for the ideas.

    • sandi genovese says:

      you’re welcome…i decided i am going to make an extra one of these to send to my family in Northern Ca so they can do it too!

  5. Hi Sandi
    I love this episode however I have a question on another episode. You made an video on “Sisters Scrapbook”. It was made with a few accorian folds & ribbon. 13 score marks & 6 pleats. Had a demensional flower on the front. I had trouble with the ribbon where u tie it at the top. It kept moving to the side when u turned the pages & was tearing the scrapbook. I used 1/8″ ribbon. Any help u can give me will be much appreciated.

    • sandi genovese says:

      hi noreene
      i used the same width ribbon, but i think i know what might be the issue. I put adhesive along the ribbon inside the pleat on the back of the book and i’ll bet that is what keeps the ribbon from wanting to move around. I sure hope this will work for you…let me know if it doesn’t and we will figure something else out.

  6. can you tell me what weight is the copy paper that you used. I have 20lb and it seems thinner than what you have.


    • sandi genovese says:

      hi Jamie
      I just looked at the package of my copy paper and it says it is 28lb (I buy it at Staples and it is a little thicker and shinier so that when i print in color the image is better). Hope this helps

  7. Aleise M Oyen says:

    Sandi, I love all your projects and especially this one. What a wonderful way to save our thoughts from year to year.
    On another note, I thought we were able to print out the directions for your projects. I can’t seem to be able to find them now and wanted to print out some of the previous Christmas projects in preparation for the Holidays. Where do I find these?

    • sandi genovese says:

      hi Aleise
      The printable project sheets are part of the gold club, so if you are a member of the gold club you can print them by clicking on the project sheet button and scrolling to the one you want. If you aren’t a member, then you have 3 weeks to watch each of the videos and make any of the projects (for free) Each project sits on the home page as the current episode for a week, then sits on the past episodes page for another two weeks. When i demonstrate the project i give the dimensions of everything so you can make the projects without joining the gold club. I hope this isn’t too confusing and thanks for watching!

  8. Hi Sandi
    You have done it again. What a great project. I hope I
    can get it done before Thanksgiving. I have been so busy making my Christmas gifts this year that I have gotten a little behind. Thanks so much for your shows.
    I hope you have a very Blessed Thanksgiving!

    • sandi genovese says:

      thanks Peggy
      but i would say that if you have made some of your Christmas gifts then you are actually ahead! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  9. Since I’m viewing this so late, I probably won’t have time to make this for Thanksgiving, but I like Jewel’s idea of a hostess gift and maybe can adapt this for Christmas! Thank you for sharing these wonderful projects. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Hi Sandi, I just finished my tag book. I’m taking it down to my daughter’s for Thanksgiving. Thanks for such great ideas, not only in this episode, but all of the past ones as well! Happy Thanksgiving.


  11. Elissa Masson says:

    Loved this, I made one as a hostess gift for the Thanksgiving Dinner we attended and htan I made another quick one with a wedding theme and I gave it to my Sister In Law who just got married on Nov 3. She hasn’t had a chance to get her photo’s from the photographer yet so she loved getting a memento of her special day!
    Thanks for the great idea!

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